Ashes of the Unborn EP

by Nuclear Oath

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This is the debut EP of Medicine Hat metal band Nuclear Oath


released February 26, 2016

Vocals: Pete Mercer
Guitar: Zack Brandham
Lead Guitar and Vocals: Nick Litowski
Bass and vocals : Nathanael Bohnet
Drums: Brandon Sauer

All Lyrics by Pete Mercer

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Produced By Nathanael Bohnet



all rights reserved


Nuclear Oath Medicine Hat, Alberta

Nuclear Oath is a 5 piece metal band hailing from Medicine Hat. Alberta, Canada. Having all previously been in bands we pride ourselves on having a variety of influences between the five of them. Combining elements of Thrash, Death Metal, Nu-Metal, Hardcore, and Melodic Metal. Though laid back we strive to move forward with a hard work ethic and the ability to enjoy everything else along the way. ... more

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Track Name: The Growth
This is the start of the feelings that I have inside, I wanna release all this pain
Emotions scared, and my mind is torn, this growth is ripping right through these
Blood shot eyes, that have inside, you'll find my name
These visions on this tortured soul, will make us think we are insane

running from me


dead and gone as you are left behind, take control of this pain
Free your mind from all around you, as this growth is ripping right through you
Take control of your own path, destroying all in the way
no regrets, trying to figure out, this growth is in control of me

As you see the blood you were spilling, your alive again
Cut up this emotional madness, now your growth has taken control
Of the things I once saw , leave behind releasing all of this pain
Shattered souls, in a damaged mind
Track Name: Bottle Fights
Hanging out with all the boys and someones acting hard
Your best bet is to stay away or just put up your guard
This is not the time to fuck with me
Start this bottle fight I'll make you bleed
You do not want to fuck around
If you I'll put you in the ground
Bottle, Bottle
You do not know me, I cant control me
I wanna be you, I wanna see you
As you are dying, your left there crying
broken and bleeding, your heart is screaming
as you are left here, your all alone
No one can free you, from this broken home
Look what this bottle, has done to you
This blood nightmare, was caused by you
Track Name: Stay True
They are the ones that stick right by your side
They'll always be there when your worlds collide
They'll never bring you down they'll remain your friends
Stay true to the ones who are there in the end

Stay true, to the ones who will always believe
Say True, to the fire burning in your dreams
Stay True, to the ones who say you'll always be
Stay True, to your heart and you will always succeed

They see the fire from the spark in your eye
never doubt yourself or live a lie
free yourself from all the you have tried
stay true and you will always survive

You'll never break down never criticize
No need to hurt the ones in your life
They'll always be there whether right or wrong
Stay true to the ones who are there all along
Track Name: There Goes The Neighbourhod
Walking down the alley in a thrashed out Neighbourhood
Look around the corner by the fence, someone's selling the goods.
They don't see, that you see, so you keep closing in
All that’s left for you to do is ask what hes got to give..

There goes the Neighbourhood
Nothing but the fiends and the crooks!!
There goes the Neighbourhood
Free your mind from all that’s good!!

He says what he has an all you want is herbs
As you start to walk away his face becomes disturb
I don't want problems with you and this is how i feel
You better get the fuck off my back, before u become a meal!!
Further up down the alley I meet up with my boys
Brass knuckles and baseball bats were ready to destroy
Smoked out and drunk as fuck searching out to seek
The ones who picked us apart were ready to defeat.

There goes the Neighbourhood

Nothing but the fiends and the crooks!!
There goes the Neighbourhood
Free your mind from all that's good!!

There it goes!! There it goes!!

Now that we run these streets we don't have to watch our backs
This criminal lifestyle u grew up with will push u to the max
No way, no how, this is how I feel!
We run this neighbourhood now boys this shit just got real!!!

There goes the Neighbourhood
Nothing but the fiends and the crooks!!
There goes the Neighbourhood
Free your mind from all that’s good!!

There it goes!! There it goes!!
Track Name: Ashes of the Unborn
This journey will never end I believe
these fires caused have left me to proceed
This life goes on, just another chapter to me
I'll prove you wrong on the forces alive will see
Remove the mask, showing all your scars
Release the pain, your feeling will soon create
Open mind to be free again, these ashes
you wanna descend
Dead souls, haunting screams
Fire burns thee ashes of dreams
Dead Souls, haunting screams
Fire burns the ashes
Ripped apart from the creatures at night
they drag you down, and take all your insight
 The burning flesh is all that you will smell
Stuck in this lifetime of torture and hell
And they never ever believe what they see
thee ashes of the unborn will never retreat
left alone with nowhere to go from here
Stand your ground and never show your fear
Tormented mind controlling
your left here in this moment
This fire burns the old me
spark a match and hear the screams
What do you do with yourself
No one will ever see
This pain has come for you
Nobody else to blame
These creatures of the night time
They want to watch you bleed
They don’t what your doing
With your life when you proceed
What do you do now
What do you know
These creature will take you
As you will go

The ashes of the unborn